Monday, July 6, 2009

Its done!

My second finish of the year......I started slow, but I'm on a roll! I'm thinking about a "WIPing Through Summer" Challenge. Anyone game? I'll start a flickr group and lets challenge each other to see how many WIPs we can bust out between now and Sept. 1st.

ETA: The new WIPing Through Summer Flickr group has been created. Let's get WIPing!!

(please excuse the mess, between moving my sewing machine back into the kitchen and preparing to homeschool in the fall, my kitchen looks like a tornado has run through!)
I used my purple thrifted sheet for the back. It measures approx 36" x 52". It will be delivered today to a very special, cute little baby girl.

It felt really really stiff after all those lines were quilted, but once it was washed and dried it softened right up and came out full of snuggle, crinkly awesomeness.


Nichole said...

your quilt looks great! i am glad you chose to use the two solids. it really turned out nicely!

Sue said...

well I've joined your Flickr group and confessed. Great idea btw

Jennifer said...

How do you quilt that together doing a straight line? Got any tips?

Holly K said...

I love it! (especially the crinkle-ness). backing material is very cool.

Jeanette said...

Gorgeous, I love it!