Monday, November 24, 2008

An Unplanned Break from quilting....

I am taking a last minute trip back to KY for a family emergency. I'll be staying with my mom (who is not a quilter), so I doubt I'll be working on any quilty projects in the next week. I am taking some of my new kitting projects, so if I get around to finishing any I'll post some pics. I may not be around here for a while.....but I'll be back. Don't go too far!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Eye Candy

So, you want to know what kind of classes I've been taking? Here's a hint.

Jason bought me a gift certificate to a cute little yarn shop in our downtown area. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a little girl, but I only learned how to knit. No purl, no cast on, no cast off, no decrease stitches. Nothin' But now I'm making a hat. Look at me GO!!! Oh, and my trip to the quilt store??? How cool is this? Ben wants to use it when he plays firefighter. He said it can be the FIRE, MOMMY!!!!

And how gorgeous is this??? I love paisley.

What was that? What am I planning on making with this fabric? Oh, that's top secret. Sorry you'll have to wait.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shamefully trying to win this....

Camille over at Thimble Blossoms is having a giveaway ~ the quilt of your choice. All done and wrapped up, ready for snugglin'. This is one amazing woman. I'm not sure how she accomplishes half the things she does. I want to be her when I grow up....but I'm never growing up, so I guess that's one dream I'll never realize. So sad. Anyhoo, I had to blog about her giveaway to get more entries...but I'm NOT inviting you guys over to join in....because I'm going to win. Got it? Its mine. Not yours. Mine. Ok, glad we got that straight.

They're Done!

I managed to survive the Preschool Auction Quilts!! Here they are (some are fuzzy, sorry. I literally took the pictures as we were walking out the door to deliver them, so by the time I got around to downloading them, I couldn't retake them.)

I'm going shopping this week at the quilt store to spend some of my birthday money. Are you jealous? Thought so. Hubby also bought me some classes for my birthday. What kind of classes? Wouldn't you like to know. Nosey. Seriously, I'll take some pictures of what I'm working on in my class and share that with you soon. I already have lots of projects all lined up like little soldiers on my work table. However, I have to clean the house first. I completely neglected all housework in an effort to get these quilts done. Oh yea, the quilts were due Friday. On Wednesday Ben had a sever athsma attack in response to the Flu Mist vaccine. We were at the doctor's office for several hours. Almost had to spend the night in the hospital. Thursday morning we had to go back to the doctor, when we got home the Fridge was dead and I had a fridge full of warm food and a freezer full of thawed food. We've been eating some interesting meals around here. So, I had to spend Thursday cleaning out the fridge/freezer and then we went shopping for a new one. Did I mention the quilts had to be done on Friday? Guess what I did all day on Friday? They got done with exactly 12 hours left to go before the auction. Plenty of time...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OH SH&%*#!@

OOPS!!! Big Fat Double OOPS!!! I had every intention of doing the fundraiser quilts with a mock binding. As I was trimming the batting for the first one I accidently sliced off some of the backing. So much for the mock binding. OOPS!

**no worries Kristin, don't panice, traditional binding will work just fine on these quilts. It just makes extra work for me.**

A New Favorite

....I just have to share this blog.

Cakewrecks has had me in tears most of the morning. My favorite so far is this post which features the following picture. Oh My!!

Have you hugged your vet today?

I would love to personally Thank each and every veteran in our great country. Since I can't do that, I would like to offer a great big blogging world hug.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kristin tells me she has handed out my blog address so some of the parents at the preschool can watch the progress of the quilts. I'd like to welcome any new visitors and I hope you are able to get back here and check out my blog often even after the quilts are done. I usually update it a little more often than I have been lately ~ I've just been so busy making the quilts! Feel free to leave and comment and say hello!

I am as far as I can go on the Preschool Quilts while the boys are awake. I have two tops done (yellow & blue ~ see pictures). The green one is tied, and the orange and red ones are ready to be stitched into tops (that's the part I can't do with my "helpers" as they like to rearange the blocks after I've laid them out.)

I was itching to sit and sew some more and since I've promised myself I will not work on another quilt until the Preschool Quilts are done, I decided to whip up a few pillowcases for Alycia's QOV project.

I'm not dead

I thought you might be happy to know that :)
I am working furiously on these preschool quilts. I'll have more pictures to show later (my battery died on my camera. Its charging now). I have two more tops to show. All of the blocks are finished. The green one is tied and just needs binding.

Oh yea, the auction is next weekend. YIKES!!! My goal is get them all assembled into tops and basted today. Then I will sit and watch TV over the next two evenings to tie them. I'll spend one afternoon binding them all (machine binding) and hand deliver them mid ~ week. Sorry, Kristin, I know you wanted them earlier......I hope I'm not throwing off your plans too much????

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

29, again

And again and again and again....

I turned 29 today ~ for the sixth time in a row! I'm enjoying 29, so I thought I'd just stop here. In the spirit of Lera, I thought I'd do my own Birthday List. I'm not sure if I'll make it all of the way to 29 (or 34), but I'll try.

1. I voted for John McCain (surprised?)
2. This is the first time I've ever not voted for W.
3. I was too hung over to vote for Bob Dole on my 22nd bday.
4. I turned 18 two days after the '92 election.
5. And I would have voted for Clinton
6. Jason keeps telling me I'm a closet Liberal. :)
7. I'm not.
8. I'm very conservative, politically speaking, but I'm not religious.
9. I was raised Catholic.
10. I wore a cute little plaid uniform to school.
11. I was a jock in high school.
12. My mom used to offer to raise my allowance if I'd wear make up to school.
13. I didn't.
14. Even now I rarely wear make up.
15. I love girly girl stuff.
16. I'm the only girl in our house, even the dog is a boy.
17. And I love it this way (for now).
18. Our paperwork has been in China for 18 months waiting for a baby girl.
19. We still can't see an end in sight to our wait.
20. To be honest, I'm not really sure the adoption will ever really happen.
21. It breaks my heart.
22. I've always dreamed of a huge family.
23. I don't know if I'll realize that dream or not.
24. I can live vicariously through my friends with large families.
25. I just got my first sewing machine in April 2007.
26. I had never made a quilt before then.
27. I have finished four quilts.
28. I have five quilt tops waiting to be finished
29. I am in the middle of seven tops right now.
30. I have too many more in my brain to count.
31. I have a very limited fabric stash ~ relatively speaking.
32. I'm working on fixing that.
33. I have the greatest kids in the world.
34. I am married to my best friend and the love of my life.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We interupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you this important announcement:

Jessica's life suddenly got crazy busy. She is drowning, but is starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Please stay tuned for important updates.

We now take you back to your regularly schedule programming.

Carry On!