Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh What the Heck?

It seems that every single blog I visit recently (well, my quilty friends ones, anyway) I am being bombarded with Dana's (of the Old Red Barn Co.) quilt-a-long. The quilt-a-long schedule of events is posted here. So, sheesh, enough already. I'll do it. Okay? Because, you know, I need one more project. I know. I know. But it will help me use some stash. And then maybe Kristin will let me buy some more fabric. (I only have two more days left until I can go shopping!). But we've decided to do it again. We'll get to shop for a week and then we're back on our stash diets. Why do I do this to myself?

I went through my entire stash. All of it. And I couldn't decide on anything. Nothing looked good. I had some fabrics pulled for another quilt that I'm getting ready to start and I looked up and they just asked to be in the quilt-a-long. Seriously, they did. What? Your fabric doesn't talk to you? Ok, I know you're lying. Any quilter worth her salt has had conversations with fabric. Its just me? Crap. So anyhoo, after asking so nicely, I couldn't deny the fabrics their request. So they are going to play. And they are going to be beautiful. I've got some catching up to do this weekend, but it shouldn't take too long.

And remember this sheet? That will be the backing of this quilt. I'm so excited. I can't wait to snuggle under it. Its going to be beautiful and girly and MINE. :-) Join us, won't you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Growing Up

No, not the boys. Although they are growing up at lightening speed, I was referring to myself. I've been 29 for several years now, and I'm finally starting to figure some things out. During my recent funk, I thought about a lot of things. I've never been much of a follower. My whole life I've been more of a leader, or I just do my own thing. I'm ok with it. I like it, actually. Why follow someone when you can blaze a new trail all on your own? However, for the last several years I seem to have fallen into a trap of doing things not because I want to, but because someone else expects me to. Don't get me wrong, I'm still somewhat quirky and that's what everyone claims to love about me. I say "claims" because its become clear that some people that I thought were my friends aren't really my friends at all.
See, I decided that I no longer wanted to do things that other people expected me to do. I was going to do the things that I wanted to do and be happy with it. Well, suddenly I had all sorts of peole asking me if I was ok? Telling me that I didn't seem happy anymore. Mentioning that I wasn't the same Jessica I used to be. All of this seemed odd to me because I was thinking "that's strange, I'm happier than I've been in quite some time. I'm doing things I want to do and I'm enjoying every day of my life." But a funny thing happened. When enough people tell you that you "seem down" you start to second guess yourself and before you know it, you are down. Right about that time, everyone (well, all of *those* people) disappeared. They weren't concerned about me anymore, I was left off of several invitation lists, some people started gossiping behind my back and suddenly I was even further down in the dumps.
(I should pause here and mention that I'm a member of a fairly large chapter of MOMS Club and the power struggles that go on there are unbelievable, but entertaining to watch. And to have that many women, in one group, competing for power....well, you know how that goes)
And then I looked around me and saw the people that were still there. People that never once told me I didn't seem happy. The people that called or emailed me daily to see what my plans were and did we want to grab lunch, or join them for dinner? The people that just let me be me and loved me anyway. They didn't love me because they thought I'd do something for them. They didn't love me because they thought they could manipulate me. They loved me because of who I am and the type of friend I am to them. And I realized, that's all that matters.
Studies have shown that as you get older, and once you leave college (specifically) making life long true friendships gets harder and harder. At this age I realize that most friendships are formed out of convenience or simply because our kids hang out. To be able to find a friend that really gets you, at this age, is golden. And not something to take for granted.
While *those* people are still in my life (and will be for the forseeable future, the joys of living in a small town) and I still consider many of them aquaintences, I'm able to see our relationship for what it is, or what it was.
And I guess that's all part of growing up, right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


***Due to a lack of participants, the Quilt Around the USA has been cancelled. I know its a busy time of year, so maybe we'll try again later. In the meantime, I've joined a virtual quilting bee on flickr.***

Thank to those that expressed interest. I'll let you know when we try again :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Run Forrest, Run!!

Sorry for the generic picture. I was planning on taking a nicely staged picture of some of my gear, but the battery in my camera died. And its not a rechargable. And we're out of AA's. I considered stealing some from the kid's toys. But I didn't.
If you are my Facebook friend, you know that I've been attemtping to start a running program. You may have noticed that I got frustrated and started walking. Well, I've decided to up the anty again and go back to running. Only this time I'm gonna do the Couch to 5K program. Its an 8 week program and its only 3 days per week. I'm pretty sure I can swing that. I also just completed week two of this program. I WILL have buff arms. I will. Just you wait and see. Anyone want to join me? Running buddies? Buff Arm Babes? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quilt Around the U.S.A.

Ok, so I read over the two posts from yesterday and I think I must have been smoking crack or something, because they really didn't make a lot of sense, did they? I'm gonna try again. I saw this post over at SummerSadie, but I missed the sign ups so I'm gonna host one of my own!. If you'd like to participate, leave a comment to this post. Once we reach our participant limit I will edit the post and close sign ups. Feel free to post about it on your blog, linking back here, to help get the word out! If you have any questions, please let me know. Let's have FUN!!!

Quilt Around the U.S.A.

  • Participants will be limited to 20. This will make your quilt 4x5 squares. I will take all of the participants and put them in a list, we will always mail to the same person ~ the next person on your list.
  • To start you will make one block. Any type of block you'd like, any size you like (keep in mind that all blocks that you get back will be the same size as your original, but not necessarily the same type).
  • Take your first block and mail it to the next person on the list. They will then look at your block, shop their stash (or a quilt shop) and make a block to coordinate or compliment your block. It does not have to be the same style or pattern, but it does have to be the same size. They will then take both blocks and send them on to the next person who will make a third block of the same size, also coordinating. And so on. When your package gets back to you, you should have 19 blocks that coordinate with your original. You then put them together into a top and finish it up.
  • I'll ask that each person complete and mail their blocks off within two weeks of receiving each package, just to keep this show moving. We all understand that sometimes life gets in the way of our quilting and if this happens, please just let me know and I'll get the word out. Just to be clear ~ you are committing to make a block every two weeks, 20 times. This is an ongoing project and could take up to a year to complete.
  • Each person will be responsible for their own shipping charges. When making the list of people, I will try to form it into a "loop" to keep the shipping charges as inexpensive as possible.
  • I also ask that each participant have a blog and I will list them all in the sidebar so we can keep up with our quilts progress. I'll also start a flickr group where we can show pictures of the blocks we're making. I've decided its ok to show the blocks as we go, a year is just too long to wait to see all of your blocks!!! :-)

And lastly ~ does anyone know how to make a button?!?!


She's back out. And she's purring like a kitten. All is right with the world.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few more details....

So, I decided I should probably add some details on the "Quilt around the U.S." instead of just asking your to click to another blog ~ sorry, I hadn't fully woken up yet this morning when I posted that :)

Basically, you will make a quilt block. Any kind, any size. And you will mail it to the next person on the list (you will then receive a block from someone else). You will look at the block you received and make another block (again, any kind) of the same size that will match ~ or coordinate with the one you received. Take those two and mail them to the next person. Then you will receive two blocks....etc, etc.. You will always receive from the same person and you will always mail to the same person. It will be a "mail loop" of sorts. I will try to place the order so that each person is mailing to the next closest person.

Does this make any sense? When we are finished, you should end up with 20 (or 24) coordinating blocks that you get to make into a quilt.

This does require an ongoing committment and we don't want this dragging on forever, so I think a two week time limit per block is adequate, don't you?

I would prefer that all participants have a blog, and I will make a list on my sidebar so we can keep tabs on each other. We will decide as a group if we want the blocks to be shown on the blogs or if we are going to keep them secret.

So, this is all clear as mud, right? Let me know if you are interested!

would anyone be interested????

....I'm just puttin' out some feelers because well, I seem to be having so much extra spare time recenly (HA!). But I saw this post a little too late and missed getting in on the fun. So I thought about hosting something similiar. Again, in all my spare time! I would lean towards keeping all of our participants in the U.S. though (for ease of shipping costs). I would tweak the rules a little, but you get the general idea....would anyone be interested? I, too, would cap participants at 20 or 24.

Let me know if there is any interest. Again...just puttin' feelers out! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grocery Finds...

Fot those of you that were interested in my grocery finds....I just blogged a HUGE score on The Frugal Monster. Click on over to see how I got $73.72 worth of groceries for $4.00!!


I mentioned that Jason and I went junking and thrifting while at the beach this past weekend. The Spring Blossom Pattern was everywhere! I've been seeing lots and lots of Corelle with this pattern lately and the same was true at the beach. However, at one thrift store I found quite a few real pyrex pieces dumped in with the Corelle. SCORE!!

I'm not sure how vintage this set really is, but I love the lime green color and its perfect for a cup of tea and some cobbler or some other equally delish sweet treat!

I had just mentioned to Jasont the other day that I really wanted a Pyrex butter dish. We found one at an antique store, but it wasn't a pattern that I particularly cared for and it was a little more expensive than I was willing to pay. So I left it. They next day, amidst the Corelle, I found this butter dish and the two smaller mugs. They match the mugs I bought back in December. I found the larger mugs at another thrift store and the pinkish dish I already have one just like it, but you can't have too many 8" casseroles, right?!
I'm headed to Goodwill again today (more pyrex?!) but hopefully I'll have some quilty things to show you here soon, too!

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Pyrex Love

Last week, before leaving for the beach, I was able to hit the thrift stores again. Here is my loot from two different days. I seem to hitting pyrex gold recently, and I couldn't be happier! While at the beach, my in laws took the boys for both days and Jason took my antiquing. I love that man! I found some great pyrex there as well, but its still out in the van and its pouring down rain. You will have to wait until tomorrow! :)

In the above picture the pyrex is sitting on some vintage sheets that I also picked up. They are hard to see, but the two bowls up front match the set of casseroles I picked up recently. And the small casserole in front matches my first piece of pyrex. The Christmas dish is exactly like one that my grandmother had when I was growing up. I just recently lost both my Grandmother and my Grandfather and seeing that brought back some wonderful memories of Christmas at their house. I miss you Grandma and Grandpa. Love you.

Stay tuned for more pyrex love tomorrow :)

We're Back

We made it back from the beach in one piece. I forgot my camera, but my FIL usually has at least four of them on his person at all times, so I'm sure I'll be getting some pictures soon! LOL! Still getting unpacked and settled in, but I have lots to share. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fashion Show

Ok internet peeps, its time for a fashion show, or rather ~ let's help the fashionably challenged Jessica get all dressed up and look pretty for an evening. I live (seriously, LIVE) in jeans & tshirts. Occasionally I'll throw on a pulloever sweater or the dreaded hoodie. That's the wardrobe of my life. I'm sad. I'm pathetic. But deep deep down there is a girlie girl and I have to let her out every once in a while. Well, our annual beach trip includes a dinner out in honor of Jason's grandmother's birthday. While its not a super duper fancy place, I like to get dressed up a bit. So, I have this skirt and I love it. I found it several years ago at Ross for something like $5. Giver or take a few pennies. Anyway, I've decided I want to wear it this year. But oh what to wear what to wear? So I have several questions for you guys.....(keep reading)

(sorry for the blurry pictures, I was in a hurry). If you were going to wear this skirt and you had an unlimited wardrobe, what would you pair it with? Just sayin' ~ unlimited. Every option in the world. Just cause I want to know. Ok, got that question? Now you can keep scrolling....

My wardrobe isn't unlimited, but I wanted to get your ideas in case there's something in my closet that maybe I hadn't thought about. Now, here are the choices I came up with (remember, I'm fashionably challenged. If its hideous, you can tell me. I won't be offended) :-)
Option #1: A black shell with a pepto pink one button jacket over it. See, my main problem with this skirt is how to incorporate color? Hubby thought the skirt was too busy for that much pink. I think I may agree with him....keep scrolling.

Option #2: plain black shell with some fabulous bling from the amazingly talented Cricket & Ann. Seriously, these women are great. And they are going to cause me to go broke because I want to buy everything they make! Check out this totally cool necklace Ann made from an old chandelier!! How cool is that?!? Sorry, I got distracted. Upcycled bling does that to me :) Ok, so here's some close ups of the bling that I have paired with this outfit.....(keep scrolling)

Super cool bracelet made from Ann's collection of vintage buttons. All in my favorite color: pink

A gorgeous necklace from Cricket that she made from a vintage broach. Can they be worn together? Or is that too much? Or does this whole outfit just suck? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! ~And~ if this outfit works, since its only a shell, I may get chili. I have pashmina scarves in every color of the rainbow (well, almost). Would you wear a black one? Or a deep magenta pink one?


*tap tap tap*

Is this thing still on?

*que sound of pin drop*

hmm, quiet bunch out there.

Hello?? Hello??? llo?? lo?? ooo??? Its a little dusty around here. Sure looks like a ghost town. Well, on the off chance that anyone still reads my blog I'm just gonna go from here :)

Sorry for my absence. I've been in a funk of monumental proportions. I'm a mess. My house is a mess. My whole life is a mess right now. I'm not the greatest house keeper on the planet, but I can usually maintain a somewhat respectable level of clean and tidy. Right now I fear the Dept of Health may just very well condemn my house. I packed up my sewing machine and put it away thinking maybe it had been distracting me from my daily chores and well, I'm still falling behind and now I'm just cranky because I haven't created anything in weeks (or even months). I'd get my sewing machine back out but every flat surface that it fits on has been taken over by clutter. I can't handle it anymore.

The sun has been shining here (finally!) and that's helping A LOT. This weekend we are going on our annual beach trip with Jason's family and when I get back, watch out folks! Jessica is BACK!

Can't wait to catch up with all of you guys again!