Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well, we all got sick again. And this time it looks like it was really the H1N1. The last time my doctor just said it was "highly likely", but this time the pediatrician actually tested Ben and it came back positive. All four of us got sick, so I'd bet my last dollar that my doctor was wrong and NOW, we've finally all had it. Our pediatrician basically admitted that we have all of the antibodies we need now and the vaccine would be redundant. So tell me, why is he still pushing the vaccine anyway? It just annoys me.

I've been able to sew the last few days and it feels so great! Its such an emotional outlet for me. I'm going through some things right now and I'd love to let it all out here, just get it all out and know that afterwards I'd feel much better. BUT, several of my local friends read my blog and nearly ALL of my local friends like to gossip. *sigh* It sucks being back in highschool.

Stay tuned for some yummy, quilty, gorgeous pictures soon!!


Elaine Adair said...

Oh my gosh, girl - glad you are all on the recovery - scarey!

Gossip - yeah, some days I'd LOVE to let it all out but ... I would only gripe about my DH, when he's not being good! 8-)) No issues with friends, thankfully.

Get all better soon!

Debbie aka Goat Creek Grandma said...

I hope your all are feeling better. DH and I have been able to stay clear so far but we know our days are numbered. Its everywhere!

Take Care,

Alycia said...

Maybe the Doc likes inflicting pain on poor children - hence the push of the shot? I hope you are all healed now!!

CAB said...

Our ped. does not recommend it because it's new and so forth. I wasn't interested in getting it anyway for myself or the children.

Get well soon!!

Jeanette said...

We didn't get the shot because, frankly, it scares the crap out of me. I have read and seen too many things to feel comfortable putting that into my children's bodies.

Sorry you got sick again. This has been a weird year for me as well, I have been sick for months on end, just finished two weeks of antibiotics for a sinus infection, finished yesterday and STILL have the sinus infection *sigh*

I hope you are all healthy again soon and can STAY that way!

And sorry about your troubles as well, sometimes it helps to write things out, even if you never post them. I have many posts on my blog that are simply saved as a draft that will never become public, my blog is as much of a journal for me personally and privately as it is for keeping my family and friends updated.

Go ahead and write it all out, you will feel better in the end {{{Hugs}}}