Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because I need a few more projects....

(sorry about the cooked picture, I was in a hurry)

So, our last day of school was today and to celebrate, I've decided to fill up my schedule with all kinds of quilty committments LOL! In addition to Dana's Quilt a long (which I have finished all of my blocks for, finally), and the Stash Busting Bee (of which I'll be making the first block early next week), I've also joined into a swap over on the HGTV Quilting Board. Well, two swaps actually. YIKES! The first is a "Chose Your Own Colors" string block swap. There are 15 participants, so I will receive 56 blocks (we make 4 blocks for each person). I choose patriotic blocks with a white center string. I will assemble these blocks into a quilt to send to Alycia for her No Soldier Forgotten project. I made my own four blocks and that's what's pictured above.

The second swap I've joined is scrappy 4 patches. Because have you seen the new Quiltmaker Magazine? Well, have you?!?! Bonnie Hunter is doing another mystery and I wanna play! I've never done one of her mysteries because they usually move just a little too fast for me. But this one gives you three months in between steps. I think I can handle that. I think. :)

And, its the time of year to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Every year I have grand plans to give all homemade, and every year I don't leave myself enough time. So I'm startin' early this time! We'll see how it goes! :)



Cricket said...

JUST SAY NO, Jessica!! Kidding. Love, love, love that red, white, and blue! Good luck to you!

heather said...

It's fun to have so many projects going. Your red whit and blue is going to look very nice!!

amandajean said...

this is the second blog tonight that has mentioned christmas gifts. i think it's a great idea to start now. :)

We Would Rather Be Quilting Administrator said...

I love your patriotic block that is really cool and the fabrics mesh well together! Have you done this swap before? I would be interested in doing one but I dont know much about them.

bingo~bonnie said...

wooo hooo! the red/white/and blue have never looked better!!!

Jessica I was so ready to sign up for that CYOC swap and partner up with you and choose all the same preferences but last week was total crazy here and I never turned on the computer at night time at all and missed the deadline.

but I know there will be more CYOC string swaps in the future... and guess what color combo / theme I'll be selecting :)

and oh - I just tonight started a new thread for our Scrappy 4-patch swap... so go look for it ;) and thanks for joining! It's also my 1st Bonnie Mystery ;)

Love from Texas!