Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Jason left this morning, so we celebrated Father's Day a day early. I made pancakes, eggs and bacon (per his request) and the boys gave him his gifts and cards while we enjoyed a nice breakfast together. Sorry for the horrible glare in the picture, I was trying to get a shot of him leaving and he wasn't playing along. I only had time to snap one quick picture.

I showed you other day that I had completely taken over the dining table, right? So, how do we eat? Easy, I pile everything ever so delicately on top of the ironing board. Heaven help the child that knocks into it because they may just be buried alive!

And as soon as the breakfast dishes were cleared and the sticky syrup wiped up, look where all of my stuff landed once again?! It didnt' take long, that's for sure :-)

I've completed two sets for the CYOC Strings block swap. This first set is for zizzybob. She chose 2" cut center white strings with 30's repros randomly on either side.

This next set is for ssharon334. She requested 2.5" center cut white strips with 30's repros randomly on each side. I have one more set to do with the 30's fabrics and then I can put them back away. Usually I love quilts with 30's repros, but I haven't been in the mood lately and right now I'm just sick of 'em :-)
I'm also part of the Sunshine Quilters, but haven't really been that active recently. So, I have both of last month's blocks done and one block for the month prior finished. I'll finish up one more for that month and then start working on this month's (more strings!). So, I'd say I'm moving right along on my goals and its only been 24 hours! I gotta get some thread to finish up a baby quilt that I'm working on and then I gotta clear some floor space to get the rest of the stuff done! :-)


Ann said...

My hubby is working too! Sometimes that just the way it goes.

As far as your mess on the table. I have a pile similar to yours on my table as well. Good thing we have two tables, LOL. I need a craft room so bad.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Happy Father's Day to your other half!! My kids made dad brekkie also, and presented the cards and gifts. Now they are leaving him alone LOL

I love the way you used the 30's prints. They are my addiction; I'm currently working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden using them.

Quilty Hugs!

bingo~bonnie said...

oh what a great photo that would have been if Jason had just posed for you - his back to the camera headed out the door. the lighting would have probably given him a silhouette... tell him next time he has to cooperate! but sounds like he's like mine.. and just ignores me when I have the camera. I get what I get... and that's it. :/

your 30's CYOCs look good. love the bits of red in there to make them sparkle. ;) that is the theme I choose last time when I participated. with the 2" cut. Any larger than that I don't really care for.. but to each their own ;)

Love form Texas! ~bonnie