Saturday, December 5, 2009

Homeschool Stuff

Not much sewing going on here lately, I thought I'd share some pictures from our homeschool. As I get more comfortable with the new direction of my blog, I'll post homeschool stuff a little more frequently.

Just ignore the glare here. I had a hard time getting a good picture. Check out those lower case a's. I don't expect 100% perfect handwriting from my son, but I expect that he is taught the proper way to write his letters. Those first a's are what he was permitted to get away with last year in Kindergarten. He was shown the letter and then told to write his own. He was given no direction about where on the line to start, what shape to draw first and how big to make it. Pet Peeve # 1. We are starting from scratch this year with penmanship and trying to break bad habits he's already formed. Ggrrrrr......

This picture just warms my heart. The boys have journal time every morning. They are allowed to draw or write anything they choose. Most pictures involve army guys, explosions and various bad guys. However, on 9/11 Ben chose to draw a picture of our nations flag. The caption reads "I am doing the pledge of allegiance". Now, I should tell you that because of my husband's job, we have sheilded the boys from any news coverage concerning that horrible day. My husband used to be based in NY and now he is based in Boston, so my children do not need to see those awful images of airliners plowing into the WTC. They have no idea that 9/11 is significant or any different than any other day. So the fact that my son chose to draw the above picture on that day leads me to believe that some higher power was at work here.

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