Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm "Single" Again!

I'm what I like to refer to as a "Sometimes Single Parent". My husband is a commercial airline pilot and I'm often left alone with the kids for several days at a time. It can be tough (especially when he misses holidays), but its all we've ever known and we make it work for us. On the up side, when Jason's home he's 100% ours - there are no meetings, conference calls, client emails, etc.....So, its a compromise. Occasionally, about 2-3 times per year, he can time his schedule so that he gets a long span of days at home - without using his vacation. We just ended one of those times. He was gone for 12 days at the beginning of April (a longer stretch than I'm used to), but when he got home, he was here for 17 DAYS!!! It was fabulous. We bid him farewell this morning.
Our routine is to stand on teh porch and wave goodbye until we can't see his truck anymore.
While having Jason home so long was fantastic, the last several days I did neglect my household chores as well as my UFO Marathon - so I'll miss him very much (he's only gone 5 days this time), but I'm looking forward to having some nice quiet sewing time in the evenings. I would love to say I'm spending all day today at my sewing machine, but I have to clean before I can play. Our house is on the market (notice the For Sale sign at the top of the driveway?) and we have a very strong prospect seeing the house this weekend.
I'm off to clean, but I have lots of fabric finds to share with you on a later post! Stay Tuned!!

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Joanna said...

Oh I feel your pain - my hubby works a lot of hours and sometimes it feels like I'm a single mother. This Summer the kids and I are going to UT for 6 weeks. I will miss hubby so much!

Good luck with your house selling adventure!