Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting put in my place

Wednesday was our first day of Kindergarten.....

My baby started Kindergarten on Wednesday. Time sure does fly ~ it feels like just yesterday I was bringing home the smallest human being I had ever seen (I came to find out later that a 9 lb 5.2 oz baby does not qualify as small...) Now that he's a big Kindergartner, he seems to know everything ~ he explained to me in the car (on the way to his first day) that Daddy is "in control" of the family because he works and I do not. hhhmmm. (let me explain how this conversation came up in the first place~~ I mentioned that it had taken me just 5 minutes to get up to the school the day before. Jason thought it would be funny to "bet" how long it takes us to get there. Being as Jason was driving, he looked at me and said "who's in control here?" ~ no, I did not place a Ben decided to answer Daddy's question of "who was in control") Daddy seemed to find great humor in this revelation and I thought the man might actually pee his pants he was laughing so hard. I explained to my dear child, that while I don't necessarily leave the house regularly or get paid, like Daddy does, I do in fact work ~ hard. He said, "well, you pick up toys and you wash my clothes and you cook, but that's not work." hhhmmm. Then what is it? So I'm off to buy some bon bons and lay on the couch all day, because evidently I don't work.


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Oh too funny!! See, I've brainwashed my children and they inform my husband that "Mama is ALWAYS right." Love it!

Did he have a good first day? He looks rather apprehensive in the picture of you with both boys.

~ Sarah

Moose Threads said...

OMG I would have died if David ever whipped out with something like that comment.

Pass the bons bons since I guess I don't work either hahahaha.

Mary said...

It's funny but I seem to be way busier now that I'm NOT working! Luckily Keith thinks my *work* counts!

Poor you having to unpack now even though you didn't move.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Reminds me of when one of DD's teachers told me "I put you as chairman of the committee for that as YOU DON'T WORK!" My DH laughed so hard and took bets if I was going to commit murder. I guess he didn't think milking cows and farming full time counted.