Sunday, September 7, 2008

I have naked windows

~ and I want to do something about it. I have become addicted to The Nester's way of decorating. I think its time I start mistreating, don't you? So, I'm looking for insipration and ideas....anyone? anyone? What type of fabric? What type of mistreatment? Thankfully I know Sarah in person and she's agreed to help me decorate (remember that promise you made months ago? I'm calling you out!). Sarah's mistreatments are beautiful and I want her to make my house beautiful, too!

The Kitchen ~ the counters are a cobalt blue tile with white grout . There is a lot of warm wood (ceiling, floors, cabinets) and the walls are khaki colored (painted the same throughout the whole house).

This is the master bedroom. There is another large picture window like this on another wall. It also has a swag draped over it like this one. I HATE them. Can you do a mistreatment over a curtain rod?

The sliding glass door (back in the corner) is opposite of our large picture window (in the next picture), but also right next to the dining area of the kitchen.
This is the living room/family room. The couch is a hunter green (I'm standing on the brick hearth in the previous picture, so there is a burgandy wall opposite the window).
We aren't sure if we're keeping the couch or getting something else.
I'm also painfully aware of my naked walls. These pictures were taken while our house was on the market and we had removed all of our personal effects. I didn't care for them anyway....I think I'll hang some quilts around on the walls.
Ok....let the ideas flow! :)


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I'm not the best at took me three tries to get to what I have now!

I think the first I would do is take off that floral print swag thing--you don't need it at all. Do you like the blue curtains? If so, I would suggest moving the curtain rods UP--and lengthening the curtains by adding a coordinating fabric to the bottom (hot glue or use that iron on hemming stuff...I love that stuff!) and then cover the joining seam with some pretty ribbon or trim.

Nester uses decorator weight fabrics in her mistreatments, but most of those are out of my budget. My mistreatments are done with cotton fabric (quilt fabric!) from JoAnn. I just folded it a few times so that it looks heavier than it is.

You can email Nester and ask her to take a look at your blog pictures and give you some advice.

~ Sarah

cindyquiltsOR said...

JoAnn is having a 40% off sale on decorator fabrics.

Just run right out and pluck it off your money tree, okay?

Mary said...

I'm not much help - I don't like curtains at all - We only have blinds in this house and the last one.