Monday, September 1, 2008

Its challenge time!

Giving myself a personal challenge seemed to work well last time. So I thought I'd join in on Finn's New Years Eve Challenge. I have several commissioned quilts due before New Year's, but I'm not counting them as I want this challenge to be all about me. :P

So, I'm setting my goal to finish the following by New Year's Eve:
1. Nine Patch's for swap (due Sept 30)
2. Finish Ainsley's quilt (that poor girl)
3. Get Barney's Blocks quilted & bound
4. Finish the blocks for Alycia's QOV challenge & pillowcases.
4. Start (and finish) a Christmas gift quilt (don't wanna say who its for).
5. Pull fabrics for and decide on a pattern for me as my reward for meeting my goals! :-)


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

I'm glad you're doing one for you--you deserve it!

~ sarah

Finn said...

Hi Jessica, welcome aboard! I'm delighted to have you joing in our NYR countdown of UFOs! I'll add your name and number to the list and link it back to you *VBS*
Your projects look like fun ones and I like that you're thinking of one for yourself! Hugs, Finn
Happy stitching!