Monday, October 27, 2008

Do You Facebook?

A friend has finally harassed me long enough and I broke down and started a Facebook page. I'm lost. It will take me years to figure it all out. As Jason said "just another something for you to waste time doing on the computer." Then he said "Facebook? Really? Are you 18?" Sadly, I agree with him. But its still fun.

I've made some progress on the preschool quilts. I have the orange and yellow cut into blocks. They will become tops quickly. I hope to work on them some more tonight.

Yesterday we spent a relaxing day as a family. We (as in all four us, yes the boys too. all of them) went to a small quilt show. It was my first quilt show ever. I'm sad, I know. I'll show more pictures of that later. Blogger isn't cooperating and I have to get ready to go on a field trip with Ben's class. Pumpkins, five year olds, mud. FUN.


CAB said...

I am so not a facebook person. I had a friend harrass me about it forever too and I finally broke down and created a page with a fake name - I know, terrible. I looked at it, looked at hers and decided I was right all along. It was not for me. I much prefer my blog :)

Cricket said...

No, I don't facebook. I once had a friend harrass me about getting on myspace. It's all just a little too weird for me.

Anonymous said...

uh, you tell Jason to read up. Facebook is for the older crowf as in those of us who are over 30:) I'm thinking of flying back without the girls in January:)

pattilou said...

I too, started a facebook page--and now what? Can't keep up with all that and do a blog and any sewing either--so that facebook page just sits there. I don't "text" either. *sigh*

lera said...

I have Facebook, but I, too, am too busy to do much with it. Plus, I don't get it.

bingo~bonnie said...

as you can tel from all the comments today I've been back reading your blog ;) left off at your birthdya list before supper and so glad I didn't close out or I would have missed that you FB! I started FBing last fall - you can find me there as Bonnie Newton Minor ;)

hope you will add me as your friend - I have several quilty friends at FB including JudyL, Bonnie Hunter, and Mary Johnson... so tell your husband, it's not just for the 18 year olds ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie