Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Watching the Debate?

Are you watching the debate tonight? Whether you are an Obama supporter or a McCain supporter, the most responsible thing you can do as an American citizen is to get informed and VOTE! Please don't make your decision based on sound bites or slanderous commercials. Define your own values and priorities, then do your research and decide which candidate best represents you. We live in a great country. A resilient country. What makes this country so great is the people ~ that's US!! You and Me.

~~on another note, I am putting together a multipart series on my couponing/grocery store strategies. I'll be getting that started soon. My sewing machine will also be back from service on Thursday. I have lots of projects all lined up like little soldiers waiting their turn. Some projects I can share, others will have to wait. I'll be super busy so check back here to take a peek at what I'm working on! Cheers!

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CAB said...


My coupon experiment. I look forward to your series!