Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Phew....where has October gone?

I can't believe October is more than half way gone. Where has this entire year gone?! I absolutely love having Jason home (he has worked four days in the last month ~ NO, that's not typical!), but my computer time takes a serious hit when hubby's around! Being completely inspired by Amandajean and Camille and their tutorials I thought maybe, just maybe I might be able to quilt on my machine. So I cut out a small square of scrap fabric and tried my hand at meandering. Now, you may remember that last Mother's Day I got a class at Skunk Bay quilts to get signed off on their long arm. When I was playing around on her machine (oh....five months ago now?) I could meander like nobody's business. Moving the machine ~ its way easier than moving a quilt. I'm gonna need more practice here!

I also have cut the rest of the fabric for the preschool quilts that I'm making. I should be able to piece these together rather quickly now. I'm tying them, so I can take a few evenings to relax in front of the TV and get those done.

And now I must sign off. My friend, Karen, is a new Close to My Heart consultant and I'm hosting a party this morning ~ my house is a mess and she'll be here soon! Cheers!

Oh yeah, one more thing...I need a craft idea that Kindergartener's can do with fabric (so no needles, sewing machines, etc...). I have a whole stack of Christmas fabric that I don't plan on using in a quilt and Ben's K teacher and I are trying to come up with a craft to let the kids use it ~ any ideas???? Thanks!!


Cricket said...

One year, my son's preschool class did pillows. They painted their feet and they did footprints on plain white material and the back of the pillow was the Christmas material. The kiddos wrote their names underneath their feet and the teachers took them home to sew them up.

Mary said...

I have no idea where this month has gone. I'm not as focused on my to do list as usual so I'm thinking I won't get all the way through it this time.

I just bought a bunch of Patsy Thompson's DVD's. She quilts on a regular sewing machine but I really like the freehand designs she does. Watching her leaf video tonight - was very interesting - I think I need to slow down and be more deliberate with my freemotion. You might want to check out her website if you're working on improving your free motion quilting.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I like letting kids color on fabric with crayons, then setting the crayon drawing with your iron. Doesn't sound like they would last, but I've seen quilts that are quite old done this way, and still the colored parts look like they were done yesterday.