Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm not dead

I thought you might be happy to know that :)
I am working furiously on these preschool quilts. I'll have more pictures to show later (my battery died on my camera. Its charging now). I have two more tops to show. All of the blocks are finished. The green one is tied and just needs binding.

Oh yea, the auction is next weekend. YIKES!!! My goal is get them all assembled into tops and basted today. Then I will sit and watch TV over the next two evenings to tie them. I'll spend one afternoon binding them all (machine binding) and hand deliver them mid ~ week. Sorry, Kristin, I know you wanted them earlier......I hope I'm not throwing off your plans too much????

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Moose Threads said...

Heck as long as I get them Friday I don't care. hahahahah. I have enough things to worry about. Way to go! I so owe you for this one!