Wednesday, November 5, 2008

29, again

And again and again and again....

I turned 29 today ~ for the sixth time in a row! I'm enjoying 29, so I thought I'd just stop here. In the spirit of Lera, I thought I'd do my own Birthday List. I'm not sure if I'll make it all of the way to 29 (or 34), but I'll try.

1. I voted for John McCain (surprised?)
2. This is the first time I've ever not voted for W.
3. I was too hung over to vote for Bob Dole on my 22nd bday.
4. I turned 18 two days after the '92 election.
5. And I would have voted for Clinton
6. Jason keeps telling me I'm a closet Liberal. :)
7. I'm not.
8. I'm very conservative, politically speaking, but I'm not religious.
9. I was raised Catholic.
10. I wore a cute little plaid uniform to school.
11. I was a jock in high school.
12. My mom used to offer to raise my allowance if I'd wear make up to school.
13. I didn't.
14. Even now I rarely wear make up.
15. I love girly girl stuff.
16. I'm the only girl in our house, even the dog is a boy.
17. And I love it this way (for now).
18. Our paperwork has been in China for 18 months waiting for a baby girl.
19. We still can't see an end in sight to our wait.
20. To be honest, I'm not really sure the adoption will ever really happen.
21. It breaks my heart.
22. I've always dreamed of a huge family.
23. I don't know if I'll realize that dream or not.
24. I can live vicariously through my friends with large families.
25. I just got my first sewing machine in April 2007.
26. I had never made a quilt before then.
27. I have finished four quilts.
28. I have five quilt tops waiting to be finished
29. I am in the middle of seven tops right now.
30. I have too many more in my brain to count.
31. I have a very limited fabric stash ~ relatively speaking.
32. I'm working on fixing that.
33. I have the greatest kids in the world.
34. I am married to my best friend and the love of my life.


CAB said...

Happy Birthday from another 34 year old!

Moose Threads said...

Love it! Great list and Happy Birthday!

lera said...

Happy birthday! Love the list!!

Jack's soccer coach from last year is flying to China TODAY with his family to pick up their little girl.