Thursday, December 11, 2008

All is right with the world, Thank You.

It seems my computer just got confused with Google's recent changes (that happens to me sometimes, too). I cleared my cookies and all is right with the world again. I was afraid I'd be lost forever without my daily fix of my favorite blogs! Since I've done a few posts lately without pictures and I have nothing new to show you (I'm almost finished with a new tote bag, but its not ready for pictures yet)...I thought I'd just show some pictures of my fabric. This is most of my quilting fabric collection, but there is one more drawer that I didn't photo for some reason. I don't know how I missed that one. But that drawer just has some larger cuts of coordinating yardage.
These are my FQ's and up to 1/2 yd cuts. I'm not sure why blogger flipped it around....can you tell I have plans for a Black, White & Red quilt in the near future??? Oh, this is also holding some of my polka dot fabric. Those are larger than 1/2 yd cuts, but they didn't fit anywhere else.

This drawer holds most of my yardage. I have another yardage drawer for coordinating fabrics that isn't shown. There is also a big long 6 yd piece of fabric that I picked up for .33 (yes, that's thirty three CENTS) at a yard sale that lives in that vacant space towards the front of the drawer.

This basket holds all of my Amish Solids. They are pulled out of the drawers because I was planning on making a quilt out of them for a Christmas gift. Guess how far I am on this one? Those fabrics are still in the exact same place in the exact same basket. I guess it'll be a birthday present....

These are my patriotic fabrics. I'm making a quilt for Alycia's QOV challenge and I'm also making pillowcases for her.

And here is my basket of scraps (with a little helper trying to push my basket over).

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CAB said...

Thanks for sharing - wow, to be so organized!