Monday, December 29, 2008

I Wished You a Merry Christmas...

I really really did wish you all a very merry Christmas. I just didn't make into blogland in time to tell you all. Things got a little crazy around here. I'm amazed at how much it takes me by surprise every year. You'd think after 29 Years I'd start to understand that things just speed up every year around this time. I'm a little slow, maybe it'll sink in next year.
So, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I know I did. It would appear that Toys R Us just threw up in our living room and the boys couldn't be happier. Two gifts are currently being held hostage by UPS because of the snow we never get. I feel like I'm living in a landfill because we haven't had garbage pick up nearly three weeks. Evidently those great big huge garbage trucks don't come with snow tires. Who Knew?
But its Christmas and I'm grateful. Grateful for an amazing Mother In Law that gave me an entire box filled with quilting books. Eighteen of them. Yup 1 8 ~ I counted. Twice. Love that woman. (Love my mom, too. She got me an awesome counter top roaster oven, but that happens to be one of the packages being held hostage by UPS.)

I'm grateful for vampires & werewolves. I swore to myself I wouldn't get sucked into this whole saga, but I relented. I picked up the first book to flip through it. I finished it in 48 hours. Two days later I was finished with book #2. I finished #3 last night ~ a mere 26 hours after opening it. I'm currently trying really really really hard not to start #4 just yet. I have some chores to do first. Like feed my children.

I'm grateful for after Christmas shopping with my Mom. Antique stores:

I'm grateful for even more antique stores.....

And fabric....oh how I'm grateful for fabric! There is more fabric-y goodness to show, but I'll let you sit in suspense for a bit. Until then, chew on this. The first is some light weight corduroy and the second is some light weight decorator fabic. I'm going to experiment with some tote bags using these fabrics........oh the possibilities!!!


Cricket said...

I love that fabulous material. The paisley and stripes would make a sweet bag. I know that they will probably wind up in quilts and they'll be beautiful there, too, but I get a little crazy when I see a little paisley--I love, love, love it!

Glad you and yours had a fabulous Christmas.

Ann said...

We had one of those saltine tins when I was growing up, so it just -can't- be an antique, can it? I'm only in my 40's!

lera said...

HEY! I have those mugs! I love them to death. My kids eat soup in them. I love them. Seriously love them. (In case you can't tell.)

Love your fabric in this post and the next one!

mandyloon said...

Oh, YAY! I'm so glad to find someone else who's as enamored with polka dots AND Twilight as I am! Every one of my quilts has polka dots, and I do believe my poor children ate nothing but crackers the week I read the Twilight saga.

CAB said...

Whoa - can't wait to hear some reviews on those books!!!!

And, oh for time to visit antique stores...sigh. Might have to see if I can get my Mom hooked on doing it for me ;)

bingo~bonnie said...

my dad has that exact same cracker box and still uses it to this day! :) last year I bought electrasol tabs for the dishwasher in a metal tin with a flip top lid and have been refilling each time... maybe 100 years from now my kids and grandkids will remember when.... ;)

you sure do take some great pics - I love the sun comin in on the table with the cups :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie