Thursday, December 18, 2008

I was told there would be no snow....

When we first moved to the great Northwest in December of 2003, we were coming from the greater Cincinnati area ~ where I was born and raised. I'm used to crazy weather. My husband grew up in Washington State. Half of his life in Western Washington, half his life in Eastern Washington. When we decided to move out here he told me "it only snows about once every six years or so. The weather hovers around mid 40's in the winter and its a beautiful 80's in the summer." Its snowed every.single.winter. Every year, without fail. Since we've moved here.

This morning we woke up to this:

There was no school (after the automated line called us at 6:00am, at 6:05am, at 6:15am and then again at 7:20am we were pretty sure we had the message.) So we decided it was time to do this:

We braved the weather so we could run some earrands, had lunch at Costco and then I teared up watching my three favorite people in the world do this:

I never fully appreciatied the magic of Christmas until I had children. As a child, I was too busy actually experiencing everything to give it much thought. However, watching the wonder through my children's eyes tonight gave me pause and I thanked God and my lucky stars for such a wonderful family, a wonderful life and my wonderful friends. I love you all! Merry Christmas!


Jackie said...

You're so right....Christmas is a new experience once you have kids! Stay safe!

CAB said...

Send some snow down to TX, we'll take it! :) Merry Christmas!

Finn said...

Hi Jessica just popping in to wish you a Happy Holiday season *VBS* What great tree trimming pics, and adorable boys! And you are absolutely right, seeing our children enjoy what we provide for them is such a rich blessing. Love the bags you've been making. If you'd like me to mark them down as finishes for you, just hollar. Big hugs, Finn