Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hotwheels get a lot of miles around here....

...and ambulances, and Army trucks and Thomas tracks. Just about anything with wheels, my boys love. And that is why every pair of PJ bottoms in our house look like this:

I've taken a short break from quilting to make these, as I felt my children should have warm knees. Even if only temporarily.

I have a few more pairs to make and then its back to quilting!!


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

My eyes are failing me in my old age. You're making jammie pants, right? I know it should be obvious...but I'm blind! LOL!

~ Sarah

CAB said...

Very cool - I need to make some bloomers for my new baby girl since none of her dresses come with long ones! Now, to find the time between feeding her, diapering her, taking care of the older children...hmm...sometime before my folks go home I better get it done or it may never happen!

The pj pants are adorable! We like hot wheels around here too - have you seen the color changing ones? They made a BIG difference in my 2 year olds shower transition from baths - gave him something to focus on instead of the water on his face :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! You have to teach me how to make those!!!