Friday, April 17, 2009

I can't seem to shake.this.funk.

I'm in a terrible funk. I'm cranky, I'm tired, I'm unmotivated and I'm driving everyone in my family crazy. I think it is directly related to my lack of sewing machine. But truth be told, even if I had my foot pedal (and I've actually borrowed Karen's) I couldn't sew anything because there isn't currently a single clean flat surface in my house.

I was caught up on my laundry, but I'm not anymore. I'm in need of a some serious Spring Cleaning, but I still can't even get motivated enough to start. I mentioned a Spring Clean A Long on my last post and there was a little bit of interest, so I'll be hosting that next week. Right here on my blog ~ Thursday, April 23. Every hour I'll post a task to do. It'll be a short task, just 15-20 minutes or so. I'll do them all in the same blog post, I'll just keep editing it to add the new tasks. Let me know if you are participating and I'll link up to everyone in the beginning of the post. I'll post from 8am - 5pm (PST). If you are on the East Coast, you are welcome to participate, although it may run late for you. You can also wait until Thursday and do it all then :)

Hopefully this will get me motivated to get off my bum and clean the rest of the house! I need to get some furniture moved and some other things organized this summer in order to start homeschooling in the fall. I think that may be part of my funk. Making the decision to homeschool has been so liberating, but getting started is also very overwhelming. Add to that the mountains of house chores in front of me and I think I kind of just froze. When I get very overwhelmed I tend to just withdraw and do n.o.t.h.i.n.g. Not this time....pity party's over and its time to crack the whip!

I'll see you Thursday! :)

p.s. sorry if this post sounded whiney. that's the mood I'm in...strangely I feel better though. even after this short little post of just putting it all out there. I'll just go one step at a time and get 'er done! Thanks for "listening"


Cricket said...

The laundry is enough to make anyone whine. I feel the same way lately!

Anonymous said...

I am in the same funk but not because of sewing.


Moose Threads said...

Are we twins?