Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

I want to wish every Mommy out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Whether you are a Mommy by birth or by chance. Whether your baby grew in your heart or in your belly - this is a day to celebrate all of the amazing women out there that give so much of themselves everyday to the children they love. Its also a day to celebrate the women that have made the agonizing choice to allow someone else to raise the children they birthed. There is a woman somewhere, on the other side of the Earth, that I know is making that heartwrenching choice right now - I know that no other Mother's Day will ever pass without my heart breaking for her. I will forever be indebited to her, yet I'll likely never meet her. But because of chance and circumstance, we'll forever be connected. My next child will have two Mommies and I'll always make sure she knows that and we'll celebrate the woman that so couragously allowed her baby girl to come into our, if only our house would sell so we could GO TO CHINA and get her!!!! I'm comin' Baby Girl, just be patient, Mommy's on her way. I Love You!

What do YOU have planned on this special day? We are going to do some house work and then the boys and I are probably going to go run some errands. I opened my gifts this morning with the boys beside me on the couch and Jason on the phone. Carter got me an iced tea maker (I've been asking for one - I really need to kick my Diet Pepsi habit!) and Ben got me a gift certificate to Skunk Bay Quilters!!!! I'll be taking their Long Arm Machine class so I can get signed off and then rent time on their machine!! I'm so excited!!! This way I'll already know my way around a Long Arm before I ever get mine!! WOOHOO!!!!
Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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SandyQuilts said...

Jessica, my sister, you are going to love renting the longarm machine. Oh boy ... just remember to breathe. Zippers will become your best friend. Can't wait to hear about your class.