Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why is my blog called "Jessica's Quilting Corner"?

Apparently I don't quilt anymore....I miss it :(

I find a small (very small) consolation in the fact that a lot of other blogger friends seem to have slowed down quite a bit since summer started....

Funny thing is ~ having the kids home doesn't really cut into my quilting time much. Afterall, Ben was only in school three days a week for 2 1/2 hours. Not much changed around here when summer started. Its our house, and the fact that its on the market. See, my house has two personalities: Its either spic n span or its a complete total mess. When its spic n span is when I love to sit and sew. There is no laundry calling my name, the dishes are clean and nestled together in the cupboards, my sewing desk is cleared and just calling out to me. But its sssoo clean that I don't want to start sewing for fear that the second scraps start flying the phone will ring and the voice on the other end will say "Hi, my name is Racheal Realtor and I have some clients that would like to see your home. We're standing in your driveway, mind if we take a peek?" (yes, its happened. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent).

On the other hand, when my house is a complete total mess I really enjoy losing myself at my sewing machine. Once I dig my desk out from behind the laundry, the kids summer workbooks and whatever else is sitting around I can completely forget the state of the house. I can get lost in my 1/4" seams. I can watch my humble scraps turn into something beautiful that will someday be wrapped around a loved one, a homeless person, a sick baby or an injured soldier. However, with the house on the market I don't allow myself the luxury of forgetting what the house looks like. If there are dishes in the sink I can't relax, If there is laundry to be done, I can't relax, if there is one toy out of place I can't relax (the kids love it, let me tell ya!). So instead of losing myself in my sewing I sit and stew and feel guilty and get frustrated and walk away to go clean something.

I want to be a four year old and throw myself on the floor and yell "ITS NOT FAIR!" but instead I won't. I'll be a mature 30-something woman and scream and yell on the inside while I wipe down the counters one more time; pick up the little green army men one more time; fold another towel; sweep the front porch; vacuum the dog hair ~ one more time.

I promise, someday soon, I'll start sewing again. I'll have fun pictures to show. You will be amazed, dazzled and even in awe of the creations I make (ok, maybe not but its my fantasy, I'll write the rules). Just stick with me and this will turn into a "quilting corner" again. ~Jessica


Quilting Journey said...

Love your description of your schizophrenic quilting, Jessica! I think most of us can relate. Those who can't...1)don't clean or 2)have never had their house on the market! We all go through phases of either not having time, it not being convenient or we're just plain not in the mood. Let's hope all the pieces come together soon. Meanwhile, just keep sharing your life...we're happy to have you in our blog world any way we get you...we don't all sew all the time, either!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Awww, hugs. If it is any consolation, the last time my mom moved was when I was in junior high. I was supposed to be keeping my room spotless at all times. Well...we were out and the realtor ended up dropping by and showing our house and my room was a MESS. My door was closed so my mom didn't realize how bad it was--she was horrified when we went home and she saw the state of my room. I was in HUGE trouble--until those people ended up putting in an offer and buying our house!

~ Sarah