Sunday, March 8, 2009

I need to go on a diet....

A fabric diet, that is. Remember my mess? Turns out when you let your fabric get that out of control you also lose sight of how big your stash is getting. I spent the better part of last week folding, organizing, refolding, sorting and folding some more. And here is what I've got:

My Reds, Red & Whites, Blacks, and Black & Whites.

My Browns & Golds. My Amish Solids.

My Pinks & Greens ~ I think I'm set on these two colors for a while, what do you think??

My Blues, Purples, Oranges & Yellows ~ I'm surprising low on orange & yellows, go figure??

Ok, those were all 1/4 yd (or FQ's) up to a yard. This last tub is 1 yd cuts and larger. Recognize that purple sheet? See that vintagey looking neutral next to it? I have over six yards of that. I got it for .33 at a yard sale. I think it will make a phenomenal background for one of Bonnie's patterns, dontcha think? Now, just to decide which one???
So yeah, I'm going on a self imposed (and husband encouraged) fabric diet. Stay tuned for more stash pictures tomorrow. Like where I put it all, some more fabric that isn't pictures (EEK!) and more!!!


Joanna said...

Jessica!!!! Finally I found you again thanks to your comment on my blog - I AM subscribed to you on Bloglines, but for some reason nothing has shown up lately. Hmmmm I will have to look into that :)

OK so you organize your fabrics just the same as me - in plastic totes, by color. Fabulous! As for your messy quilt room - you are in good company my dear. I thought for sure you had just posted pics of mine ;)

Cricket said...

What beautiful fabric. Yes, it looks like you are set for a while. Darn, I thought you were going in for Janene's weight loss challenge.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful stash! I love looking at stash photos!

lera said...

I, too, am on a self-imposed fabric diet (not including vintage sheets). I am only buying fabric for a specific project. No stash building. I have so much fabric. It's really insane. I might need to purge again.

amandajean said...

i loved seeing your fabric stash. it does multiply, doesn't it??? hurray for you for getting organized!