Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jessica's Stash, part Deux

Ok...as promised, there is more and more and more. Oh goodness, is there ever more??? Ok, you guys ready for this??

There are my holiday fabrics, recognize that top fabric on there? UGH...still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with that one.

Here is my flannel collection. Its not huge, but it seems to be growing as well. Anyone ever heard that fabric is a lot like rabbits?

This little basket is holding current WIPs. I think they're multiplying, too.

This guy is holding fabric for my "next up" projects. I'm keeping a very close eye on this one so it doesn't start multiplying!

Here we have fabric "sets". You know, groups of fabric that I'd like to keep together and not just thrown into the rest of my stash. I have patriotics, repros, cherry prints, etc....

This is a full drawer or novelty & children's prints. I'm not quite sure how I manged to have such a collection of these....?? I guess they multiply, too.

This bag has more novelty prints, smaller pieces though. At one point in my life I considered doing an I-spy quilt for each of the boys....then I came to my senses. Maybe someday ~ for college, maybe?

And when my husband suggested that maybe I should just get rid of some of my fabric, this is where he ended up.....(just kidding, he was playing hide and seek with the boys)

And my next post will be showing you where all of this fabric is now living. Because I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not ~ but we live in a two bedroom house EEK!!!!!

So, I'm off to sew something!


amandajean said...

what line is your jelly roll from?

lera said...

That last photo is hysterical!

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL The hub in the cage cracks me up.

Kay said...

LOL, love the last picture, too funny! Isn't it fun to see the husbands playing with the kids, makes my heart do flip flops :o)