Sunday, March 15, 2009

I thought we've covered this already....

You know, the fact that it doesn't snow here. However, this year that doesn't seem to be the case.
Yesterday I worked on these blocks for the Sunshine Quilters group I'm in on the HGTV Quilter's Board. I may make some more today or tomorrow. It depends on how I'm doing on time.

I started a quilt for my mom. She's been harassing me for quite a while now about a quilt. She'll be here next week. I'd like to at least have the top done by the time she gets here. We'll see.
And about that WIP Challenge?
  • Barney's Blocks ~ still need to piece the back
  • Alycia's QOV pillowcases & quilt top ~ well, here's a funny story. The pillowcases have made their way to Alycia. The quilt top?? Not so much. Since the blocks were half string blocks I thought going a little wonky would be fun. BUT I forgot that there was a secondary design in the pattern. Sssooo, that wonkiness ended up killing the whole thing. I was beside myself when I'd realized what I'd done. So, I just folded that dern thing up and put it aside. Someday, when the wounds aren't as fresh, I may pull it out and finish it up for an around the house quilt. But I couldn't bring myself to give it to on of our honored soldiers after I'd screwed it up so bad.
  • Ainsley's Quilt ~ blocks still sitting in my basket.

You may have noticed that this WIP Challenge has kind of stalled out. I think its because all of the projects are in the final stages. You know, where you have to sit for a while and work (either putting rows together, or basting, quilting, etc....) and lately I've only had little snippets of time that lend well to piecing, not the "big stuff". So, yes, I've gone against my word and started another project (see Mom's quilt above). I've come to realize, also that these projects aren't really WIPS, they are UFO's. They've been sitting around forever. And I'll get to them, but in the meantime I need something going that I can piece a little here and there when I get a few random minutes throughout the day.

I do really need to finish Barney's Blocks. There is a sentimental story attached to this one, so I'm going to try to carve out some time today to piece the back and baste it together. And I'll share the story later.

~Cheers for now!

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