Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Blog...

I've started a new blog. There are no posts yet and I probably won't get around to posting until sometime next week. Its called The Frugal Monster. This is where I will continue my coupon tutorial, where I'll post great bargins, some of my scratch cooking ideas and give other various frugal tips.

I've tried incorporating these things into this blog, but my heart just wasn't in it. This blog is for quilting and my day to day life. I think I need a seperate outlet for my frugal ways :)

I hope you stop by and I'll let you all know when I start posting there.


This simple Life said...

HI Jessica, thanks for visiting me. I spent some time looking back on your blog, HOLLY COW girl. You have come a long way. I remember your first quilt. Your a real pro now.

I'm so glad you stuck to it. I am really impressed. But WOW, the fabric stash is HUGE.. Your a fabric collector.

I want to get back to my quilting too, I have some many unfinished ones. I do have one top completed but I never quilted it. Perhaps I should start there with the unfinished projects. Thank you for your kind words, I love you too.

disa said...
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