Friday, June 20, 2008

Making Progress & My Baby's Growin' Up

Last week was preschool Graduation. Since when do preschoolers graduate? Ben was so proud of himself. He's a big Kindergartner now. At the end, the teacher presented the "Class of 2021" and I nearly fell out of my chair. Here is my baby "graduating" and here he is with his special friend, Emily.

Karen & I had our first mini sit 'n sew today. Our goal is to do this every week this summer (except when she's out of town!). I finished up my Lemonade Doll Quilt Swap (only two and a half weeks late...), so I'm glad to have that done and off in the mail.

I also made some progress on Ainsley's quilt. Isn't she adorable? She happens to be Emily's little sister (see above picture of Ben's special friend). I am using the String X pattern's from Bonnie's website.


Mary said...

Don't blink - they grow up fast!

I missed Adam's graduation from Preschool but Keith went...they had the kids all say what they wanted to be when they grew up and Adam's goal was to be a McDonald's worker. Funny, he did end up in the Culinary field but happily he's working at the Ritz Carton NOT McDonald's!

Love the two pinks you're using with the string quilt.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Congratulations to Ben! Katie has "graduated" from preschool two times so far and still has another year of preschool to go. Crazy!

~ Sarah