Saturday, June 28, 2008

Please leave a comment on my friend's blog! :)

So, one of my good friends in real life has one of the cutest blogs I've seen, we'll call her the Amazing Mrs. S. Being the horrible, terrible bloggin' buddy that I am, I've never ever posted on her blog (uh oh). And she called me out on it last night! :) (in a fun, teasing manner!) I do read her blog everyday, I'm just not much of a commenter.... So, I'm owning up to it....I, Jessica, am a horrible person! To make up for it, I'd like to send all of my readers (I think that would be a total of 2 (?) people) over to Frills Fluff and Trucks to say hello to the Amazing Mrs. S. (she's also considering learning how to quilt...we could all give her a little nudge, yes? I offered to teach her if she'd just come and decorate my house!)



frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Ooooh, I'm amazing, am I?! Ha!

Seriously, I would LOVE to learn to quilt. Really and truly. I'm happy to help you decorate your house, but I've never helped anyone do that before! Where should we start? Pick a room and we can get started!

~ Sarah

Alycia said...

I am a horrible commenter too... I figure they already Know it... grin

Quilting Journey said...

Jessica, I'm checking out your friend's blog next! Your own blog is really quite cute...keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by to visit me and posting my 'Free Quilt Patterns' widget!!!
P.S. Very cute family!!!