Thursday, June 5, 2008

Running on Full Speed

I'm still around and I'm checking everyone else's blog regularly, I just seem to be neglecting my own! :) I've been running on full speed for about three weeks now and we're going away this weekend for a much needed vacation! We go to the beach with Jason's family every Spring and its a great 2 1/2 days to remember to slow down and relax from time to time. Gramma Todd's quilt is finished, but I can't take a picture of it as its still in the dryer.

I've also decided to change my UFO checklist to a WIP (work in progress) list. I'll get to that someday! :P

I'll get pictures as soon as the quilt is finished and get them posted!

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frillsfluffandtrucks said...


Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!! Love them, especially the colors in the lemonade stand quilt. I would love to learn to you need to be good at using a sewing machine? I have one but don't really know how to use it very well.

Come visit me--I've returned to the world of blogging. Note that I'm being super stealthy and not using the little ones' names though. ;) Oooh, and to be EXTRA stealthy, I won't sign my real name...although that isn't a secret.