Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fashion Show

Ok internet peeps, its time for a fashion show, or rather ~ let's help the fashionably challenged Jessica get all dressed up and look pretty for an evening. I live (seriously, LIVE) in jeans & tshirts. Occasionally I'll throw on a pulloever sweater or the dreaded hoodie. That's the wardrobe of my life. I'm sad. I'm pathetic. But deep deep down there is a girlie girl and I have to let her out every once in a while. Well, our annual beach trip includes a dinner out in honor of Jason's grandmother's birthday. While its not a super duper fancy place, I like to get dressed up a bit. So, I have this skirt and I love it. I found it several years ago at Ross for something like $5. Giver or take a few pennies. Anyway, I've decided I want to wear it this year. But oh what to wear what to wear? So I have several questions for you guys.....(keep reading)

(sorry for the blurry pictures, I was in a hurry). If you were going to wear this skirt and you had an unlimited wardrobe, what would you pair it with? Just sayin' ~ unlimited. Every option in the world. Just cause I want to know. Ok, got that question? Now you can keep scrolling....

My wardrobe isn't unlimited, but I wanted to get your ideas in case there's something in my closet that maybe I hadn't thought about. Now, here are the choices I came up with (remember, I'm fashionably challenged. If its hideous, you can tell me. I won't be offended) :-)
Option #1: A black shell with a pepto pink one button jacket over it. See, my main problem with this skirt is how to incorporate color? Hubby thought the skirt was too busy for that much pink. I think I may agree with him....keep scrolling.

Option #2: plain black shell with some fabulous bling from the amazingly talented Cricket & Ann. Seriously, these women are great. And they are going to cause me to go broke because I want to buy everything they make! Check out this totally cool necklace Ann made from an old chandelier!! How cool is that?!? Sorry, I got distracted. Upcycled bling does that to me :) Ok, so here's some close ups of the bling that I have paired with this outfit.....(keep scrolling)

Super cool bracelet made from Ann's collection of vintage buttons. All in my favorite color: pink

A gorgeous necklace from Cricket that she made from a vintage broach. Can they be worn together? Or is that too much? Or does this whole outfit just suck? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! ~And~ if this outfit works, since its only a shell, I may get chili. I have pashmina scarves in every color of the rainbow (well, almost). Would you wear a black one? Or a deep magenta pink one?


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Not #1--that's basically a version of your usual hoodie and tee...which isn't bad, but it sounds like you're trying to get away from that.

I'd go with #2 with a bright pashmina. Pick one necklace, not both.

That's my humble advice. :) Take it or leave it!


Moose Threads said...

No. 2 is better.

No. 1 makes me have Mary Kay flashbacks and how you had to wear pink to those meetings. haha.

This simple Life said...

I would go with choice number two.

Do you have any pink beads? Wear Crickets necklace along with a strand of beads, you need more color. Also do you have any pink shoes?

Either way you'll look great :)

Glad you like the bracelet. I sent it right out because I wasn't too worried about if or when I got paid for it.

Cricket said...

Here's my expert (stop laughing) advice. Option #2 with magenta pashmina wrap (just around your shoulders/arms in case you get chilly, but feel free to take it off) with my necklace, Ann's bracelet and a FABULOUS pair of pink strappy heels. I love the classic-ness (I know, I made it up) of black and white, but I would go with bursts of color with it. I agree w/Ann--if you have any pink pearls or beads, try that with the necklace. Try it all on and take a pic for us!

Option #1--I'm going to be totally honest here....is dowdy and would make you look like you're just trying to cover yourself up in fabric. Don't wear it. Still friends?



Carey Siegler said...

#1 No no no
#2 with magenta wrap

the jewelry is awesome
utimately, wear what you are comfortable in as that will affect how you feel and will come through in whatever you are wearing

Carey Siegler said...

oh, and nude strappy shoes would be best:-)

amandajean said...

so what did you wear?