Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few more details....

So, I decided I should probably add some details on the "Quilt around the U.S." instead of just asking your to click to another blog ~ sorry, I hadn't fully woken up yet this morning when I posted that :)

Basically, you will make a quilt block. Any kind, any size. And you will mail it to the next person on the list (you will then receive a block from someone else). You will look at the block you received and make another block (again, any kind) of the same size that will match ~ or coordinate with the one you received. Take those two and mail them to the next person. Then you will receive two blocks....etc, etc.. You will always receive from the same person and you will always mail to the same person. It will be a "mail loop" of sorts. I will try to place the order so that each person is mailing to the next closest person.

Does this make any sense? When we are finished, you should end up with 20 (or 24) coordinating blocks that you get to make into a quilt.

This does require an ongoing committment and we don't want this dragging on forever, so I think a two week time limit per block is adequate, don't you?

I would prefer that all participants have a blog, and I will make a list on my sidebar so we can keep tabs on each other. We will decide as a group if we want the blocks to be shown on the blogs or if we are going to keep them secret.

So, this is all clear as mud, right? Let me know if you are interested!

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bingo~bonnie said...

sounds like a cool swap idea... you should post all the details and take sign ups over on the HGTV board and can also still keep tabs here on your blog. ;) I think signups would fill up fast over there - as they are crazy about swaps... just make sure all of your guidelines are spelled out and clear. ;)

2 weeks to get er done ea? I think I might can handle that... would there be color spifics? or focal fabric included? Over on the HGTV board they did fat 1/8 swap sorta like this.. but everyone mailed everyone the same 1/ advance...

let me think it over and get back with you. ;) Good luck hosting! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie