Friday, April 4, 2008

Not very productive this week

I've been trying to figure out why I just couldn't seem to make myself sit down at the sewing machine this week - and then I realized that nap time was more than recharge time for Carter, it was recharge time for Mommy. I'm grieving the loss of naptime! Since we've switched him to a big boy bed earlier this week naptime has flown out the window. He did take two naps this week, both in the car - not much help to me.

Not only did I often use naptime to sew, but it would give me some quiet time to recharge my batteries as well, and I'd sit down in the evenings and sew some more. Since nap time is gone, once the boys are in bed for the night I rarely get up off of the couch until I go to bed!

This is all I've accomplished this week: I sewed six sashing strips together WOW!!!! :) (do you see my "helper"? He was pretending to take his own picture)

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amandajean said...

naptime is PRECIOUS! I am sorry that you have recently lost yours. I sew during the hour that sesame street is on in addition to naptime. it is a sanity saver!