Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UFO Update

I haven't been around much, I've been busy working on UFO's! Also, my amazing husband finally came home (he'd been out of town for 12 days!). He's home now and will be here until May 5th!!! He's 100% ours and I plan to use up every minute of it! So, I might not be here everyday, but I'll post updates periodically. Now, on to the UFO Marathon. I finished the Sashings Top and I've finished Ben's Rag Quilt. I started piecing Grandma Todd's Quilt. I haven't worked on Ainsley's Quilt much, but I'd already made a lot of progress on it before I started the marathon. Now that Jason's home, I'll be able to be a lot more productive. For some reason, blogger isn't letting me upload pictures right now, but I'll get them up as soon as I'm able! Cheers!

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