Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boogey, Boogey, Boogey...

I've been boogeying all week. I missed one day, but that's ok because on Thursday I threw out over 100 items. Gone! I cleaned out an ECB. Oh, you don't know what an ECB is? Nom, you do right? Any other of my local friends out there reading my blog? A good friend of mine, Ann, coined the term "Emergency Cleaning Box". You know, when you just can't stand the clutter and junk mail anymore but you don't have time to really go through it all? You just throw it all in a box and deal with it later. Well....I went through several ECB's during the holidays. Between illnesses, and emergency trip back to KY and all of that snow I just couldn't seem to get caught up on things. So I filled several boxes. Those boxes are stacked up in my room ~ or at least they were. I cleared them out this week. I kept the stuff that needed to be filed, but didn't have time to file them. So, in reality what I did was condense three ECB's into a half filled one. But I'll get there. Someday.

I've been sewing every day. And I'm on cloud nine. I love love love having my machine in the middle of my kitchen table. Because not only have I met all of my decluttering goals this week, I've kept up on the dishes, picked up toys each night AND still found time to sew my little heart out.

I think I might have to tell Jason that my machine has found a new home. Do you think he'll mind?


Moose Threads said...

As soon as I get out from this pile of yarn I'm going to boogie right with you!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Wait a minute--so basically you make up boxes of clutter that you then stack up to have more clutter? OMGoodness, that would drive me INSANE!! It is, however, right up my husband's alley! :)

~ Sarah