Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wanna Boogie?

Are you familiar with Flylady? I've done bits and pieces of her system for several years now. I don't do her whole program. Its a bit overwhelming and its all based on baby steps. I'm not a baby steppin' kind of person, but I do like some of her core principles. Considering one of my goals was to declutter, I thought sharing my game plan with you guys might help keep me accountable! :-)

One of Flylady's little "assignments" is called a 27 Fling Boogie. Basically, she'll give this assignment on various days and you grab a bag and run through your house and find 27 things to throw away. Well, my house is buried right now. So, my first mini goal is to do a 27 Fling Boogie everyday in the month of January. I figured that should get me off to a good decluttering start, right?

I'll report here to let you know that I've done it. So if I miss a day posting, I expect you all to harass me until I come back!

Another mini goal of mine is do something related to crafting everyday. It might just be straightening up my desk or refolding a piece of fabric that was left out. Just something in that corner ~ everyday.

So, today is January 1st. I've completed my 27 Fling Boogie (plus some) and I bought some new card making supplies at Micheal's.

(above picture borrowed from the Flylady Website)


amandajean said...

i'm hoping to do a LOT of de-cluttering myself this month! good luck with yours.

CAB said...

Well, I guess if I'd read the last couple of posts I wouldn't have had to ask what the 27 Fling Boogie was - oops! I'm a little behind on my blog reading - off to catch up!!!

We did the 270 Fling Boogies last night - longgggg story - I'll probably blog about it soon...if I have the energy :)